Rawlings Stars Baseball
The Rawlings Stars Baseball program is always looking for quality and committed players ages 14u-17u.

If you are interested in any opportunities check our contact page for more info!
Rawl Stars!!!

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Rawlings Stars Showcase Program
Stars Baseball has proven to be one of the top programs across the country with their respective Showcase players moving on to the collegiate and/or pro levels!
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The Rawlings Stars Baseball program is always looking for quality and committed players ages 14u-17u. The Stars program got its start in 2007 and put its first travel ball teams on the field in spring 2008.

Rawlings Stars Baseball has elite showcase teams at 14u-17u. We also field several elite National teams in different age groups.

In 17 years of playing youth travel and showcase ball our program has produced over 500 collegiate signees and an excellent amount of professional draft picks from the state of South Carolina alone.

If you are interested in any opportunities check our contact page for more info!
Rawl Stars!!!


Showcase Program

Rawlings Stars Showcase Program

  • Showcase Teams are for select high school players who have a special level of commitment, ability and attitude to play baseball at the college and/or professional level. The focus of these teams will be on mental & physical player development and exposure to elite competition in front of college recruiters and MLB scouts.
  • All teams are staffed by paid coaches with professional or college playing and/or coaching experience.
  • Schedules include highly recruited & competitive events in Florida
  • Showcase players are those that are expected to have the drive and determination to want to play at the next level
  • Events we play in include Perfect Game WWBA, PBR Championships, Black Bear, etc.

Stars Baseball has proven to be one of the top programs across the country with their respective Showcase players moving on to the collegiate and/or pro levels!!!






 ***Email us if you’re still interested in Showcase Team Opportunities***

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"I have spent my entire life in the game of baseball. I have played at the highest level, I have you see all types of so called baseball people in my baseball journey…the minority are very good baseball people, the majority are not good. Sean Lomas gets it and that is why he is among the minority of “very good baseball people”. I have had the opportunity to follow Sean’s playing career, compete against him and coach with him. We have a long history. Sean knows the game, how to teach it and how to promote his kids to the next level. Sean Lomas can coach my sons any day."
Jeff Schaefer
Former Major League Ballplayer

Natl Dir. Best In Class Showcases

Regl Dir. USA Baseball NTIS Mid-Atlantic

“Playing with Sean at the University of Maryland, it was a great experience as he was one of the most complete baseball players I have ever been around. When you go to recruit a kid that has been trained from Sean you are going to have a player that plays the game the right way and has great passion for the game. After coaching six years at the College level its great to see a first class program that Sean has”
Edwin Thompson
Head Coach Georgetown University
“What can I say about Sean other than that he has been my best friend for over ten years and that he is one of the most decorated athletes I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. As an athlete he’s shown talent given the opportunity twice to play two sports at prestigious Division I colleges. As an athlete he’s also showed commitment choosing not to be selfish and play both sports but rather to concentrate his efforts on making the Maryland Terrapins a contender in the ACC. As a coach, his potential is limitless. Already he’s laid the groundwork for success, working at a group home (after turning down an offer to play professionally) and taking a group of kids whom no one gave chances to and turning them into a major success by season’s end. He’s got my support and after working with him, he’ll have yours too.”
Trevor Morris
Former University of Notre Dame Fullback
“Sean Lomas is one of the hardest working and smartest athletes I have even been around. I have known Sean since fourth grade. And I am proud to say he is one of my best friends! What Sean has accomplished athletically is something very hard to do and is great for a young athlete to strive to be. Kids can only benefit from his teachings.”
Stevan Colletes
Professional Basketball Instructor
“Stars of 2Morrow is going to be an absolutely great place for young athletes to improve their game. What Sean Lomas has done with his career is something for any athlete to look up to, but his willingness and desire to make others better is maybe his greatest attribute. Sean has the smarts and dedication that will one day probably make him a division one head coach if he chose to do so, but for the Myrtle Beach area to have the opportunity to learn from him is a blessing!”
Melissa Tucci
Former Division 1 Softball Coach
“Sean, I would like to thank you for your work with my son. Kirk said he learned more in the 5 days of training tht he spent with you than in 3 years of group instruction. Instead of just being a BP pitcher and catcher, as in the case of many baaseball instructors, you offer instruction that is vital in the development of young players. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for the game carries over to the students you teach. I was really impressed with the information and drills you showed my son that he can expect to see when he gets to college. Your rates are very reasonable and the instruction is excellent. I would reccommend your facility to anyone who wants to improve their game. The “one on one” instruction is unmatched anywhere.” Wayne Jennings – (father of Kirk Jennings – Baseball Player, University of VA – Wise
Wayne Jennings
Kirk Jennings
College Baseball Player
University of Virginia-Wise

Robert Gray-Liberty University Pitcher
I really enjoyed my time in the Stars Baseball program. They brought me major exposure in front of colleges and professional scouts. The instruction Coach Lomas gave to me really helped me improve as a pitcher and get me to be division 1 ready.

Will Adams-Coker College Catcher
When I started with the Stars I needed some improvement on my hitting and pop time. The instruction Sean Lomas gave me was second to none and he helped me take great strides as a player. The coaches all made me feel comfortable and confident which enabled me to show my talents on the field.

Dillon LeDuc-Coker College Pitcher
I have been with Stars since I was ten years old. Sean Lomas took me under his wing and has been my instructor since 2007. He not only improved my baseball game but also made me a better person off the field. It’s due to he and the Stars program where much of my success has occurred. I’ve been part of a National Championship team and thrown a no hitter in a World Series Event. I can’t thank the Stars program enough for the support and instruction and look forward to being part of the Stars for years to come.

Matthew Swope
-Former Maryland and Montreal Expos player
-Current Director of Baseball Operations at University of Maryland
“If you want to take your game to the next level, Stars of 2morrow is the organization to make that happen! I have known Sean since we played together at the University of Maryland, his pursuit of excellence and commitment to development is second to none. Whether its giving instruction or coaching a showcase team, Sean has the experience and know how, to be a great mentor to your children.”

Tom Neville
-Former Philadelphia Phillies Player
-IHS Hall of Famer
-Legendary Coach
Sean Lomas is a rare breed. You don’t find athletes like him. He was not only a standout athlete in two sports, he was literally the best in the state at both of them. If there was a game to win, Lo, was always who we believed in. He put teams on his back and doesn’t settle for anything less than success or the best. To be selected as an Immaculate Hall of Famer, that was just the beginning of the 2nd phase of this man’s journey. For the players who work with him and are led by him they are very fortunate to be able to have a person like Sean Lomas in their life.

Art Haddad
-Danbury High Hall of Famer
-Legendary Coach
Sean Lomas is a man I shared a special relationship with. We had some great experiences in our four years together at IHS. You won’t find a harder working athlete who strives for greatness. With that mindset, any kid in his program will benefit immensely from being around this extraordinary gentleman. Your child will not become a better athlete but also a better person off the field.

Scott Holcombe
-Father of Ryan Holcombe USC Sumter player
I would like to start out by saying a big Thank You to Sean Lomas and the rest of the Rawlings Stars coaching staff, for all the hard work they have put in over the years with my two sons. What Sean and his staff have done is given a kid that when he started had doubts that he would ever play college baseball to a young man that puts in the extra work day in and day out with the guidance that Sean his given him to a kid that will after the 2014 season will have a chance to play baseball at the next level. Sean and his staff of coach strive to instill in every player that its what you put in to it by what you gain out of it. My sons enjoy every minute of instruction that they get from Sean. My oldest uses the drills that Sean has given him even when he is playing with his high school team. Sean and his Rawlings Stars staff have made it possible that my oldest son get every chance possible to be seen by college and pro scouts. I would highly recommend that if your son has the dream of playing baseball at the next level the Rawlings Stars program is where he should be. Sean is also very deeply into the development of the younger players also he has worked with my youngest son into what is one of the smallest infielders around at his age level he instills in his younger players that size doesn’t matter its how you approach the game that will make you better every time you step on the field. Thank You Sean for all you have done for The Holcombe family.

Robert Rodgers
-Father of JR Rodgers Limestone Pitcher
My son JR had a great time playing with the Stars program. Sean Lomas gave my son a great opportunity of playing at a high level against elite competition while receiving excellent exposure. The discipline & instruction is amongst the best you can find and they certainly set my son up to be prepared for college ball.

Dan Olszewski
Father of 2 Stars Players
We joined the Stars program when my oldest son was 10 and expressed an interest in pitching. I knew nothing about proper pitching mechanics and Sean Lomas was recommended to me by a fellow coach. That was four years ago. I could not be happier with the training and instruction he has received from Sean and continues to receive. In addition to training, one of the most important aspects Sean teaches is respect for the game of baseball. Both of my sons are in the program and I have been coaching in the program for 3 years now. I continue to gain new knowledge on a regular basis from Sean about teaching the game to young players correctly. The knowledge all of us have gained about the game of
baseball is incredible. My oldest is transitioning into the Showcase program now and my youngest is in the travel program. We all look forward to continued instruction from Sean and continued growth of the Stars family.

Erich Knab
-2012 Minnesota Twins Draft Pick
The Stars Showcase program gave me prime exposure while also giving me great coaching. Coach Sean Lomas taught me alot about the mental aspect of pitching while teaching me a cutter to add to my pitches. Stars baseball is by far one of the best programs on the East Coast and for any player to have the opportunity to play for Coach Lomas they are quite fortunate.

Gina Betsill
-Mother of SMC player Dallas Betsill
Sean, I’d like to thank you for the time that Dallas got to spend in the Stars program. He learned so much under you especially defensively as a middle infielder. You’re a first class organization and we wish you and your family the absolute best.

Brandon Dorsey
-Wingate Univ
Sean Lomas and the Stars program really helped groom me into the pitcher I am today. After coming off a serious injury they still believed in my ability. Coach Lomas teaching me how to throw a cutter really allowed me have an out pitch. There were so many aspects that were great and I can’t thank them enough.

Dylan McConnell
-Former USC Sumter Infielder
I want to thank the Stars program for all dedication they put into my game. I had the opportunity to play with some great teams and several awesome tournaments. The exposure they gave me and the coaching Sean Lomas gave me was just a great overall experience.

Jesse Nelson
-Florence Darlington TC Player
I’d like to thank Stars Baseball for everything they did for me. I played with them for several years and each year the program progressed. They gave me awesome exposure and really helped me get better while also helping get collegiately recruited. Thank you Coach Lomas and the Stars staff.

Ryan Bellamy
-SMC Baseball Player
Stars has been a giant blessing for me. It’s family to me. It has given me more opportunity than I could have asked for. It’s turned me into a college recruit while enabling me to be part of some great teams including a National Championship. Thank you Sean and the whole Stars organization!

Ryan Elko
-FMU Baseball Player
Stars and Sean Lomas was like my second family. I was there since the opening of Stars in 2007. They always treated me great and gave me so much opportunity to grow as an athlete and person. I can’t thank Sean enough for all he has done for me and I’m very thankful to have been able to be coached by him.

Chris Kellahan
-Father of Chris Kellahan Jr, Baseball Player at Citadel
Christopher learned so much in the couple years he played with Stars. The showcase experience was awesome where it gave Chris the opportunity to play with and against elite talent. The instruction he received with Sean Lomas was A grade stuff that you don’t find very often. We thank the Stars program.

Zac Phillips
-Clemson Student
I really enjoyed my time with the Stars organization. Coach Lomas and the coaches were always so respectful and believing in all our abilities. I felt really comfortable to perform. The instruction I learned from Coach Lomas was great and it made a much better player and a college prospect. I look forward to much success for the Stars for years to come!

Phil Thompson
-Father of Presbyterian player Russell Thompson
I’d like to thank you Sean for all the instruction and the great coaching you gave Russell. Our family is very fond of you and we wish the Stars program nothing but the best. Russell had such a great time with the Stars and got an awesome opportunity to play for a great team while receiving excellent exposure.

Doug English- Pitcher for Eastern Nazarene College.
Ever since I as a little kid, I have always dreamed of playing college baseball. Baseball was my life and when I moved from Connecticut to South Carolina I thought it was over. That all changed when I met Sean Lomas and the Stars Organization in 2007. When I joined the organization, my goal was set to play into the higher levels of baseball, and with the organizations help, it has happened. Sean Lomas has been nothing but good to me and all the players that I have played with. This program has expanded so much since I have started and I know it will continue to expand. Without a doubt, this is the best program that I have been a part of and that I have ever seen. It has been a second family to me and it has left me with many memories that I can cherish for a very long time. Sean Lomas is a great friend, a great coach and a great person and he has an organization that will create and shape you into becoming the best baseball player you can ever become. I just want to say thank-you to the Sean Lomas and the Stars organization to helping me reach my long time goal of becoming a college baseball player.

Chris Ford-Limestone College Player
Playing with the Rawlings Stars has been the best experience ive had playing this great game of baseball. Play for Sean and under his organization has prepared me for college tremendously. Playing with the Stars you are going to see the best pitching no matter where you play. My greatest experience playing with the Stars was going to Maryland and playing in the Dynamic World Series. That weekend we went 6-0 and went on to win the world series. First I would like to thank Sean and Dan for giving me the opportunity to play under their organization. Before playing with the Stars I had no looks or offers, and with playing one year with the Stars I ended up being a commit to the College of Charleston and having looks from Radford, MoreHead State, Spartingburg Methodist, and Florence Darlington Technology College. Also playing under Sean I was given the opportunity to play with the Kanas Royals Scout Team. The Stars is one of the elite baseball programs in the State and I personally recommend playing with the Rawlings Stars and Under Sean Lomas And Dan LeDuc.

Nathan Elliott-USC Lancaster Pitcher
I enjoyed my 2 years in the Stars program, and it taught a lot about baseball. It really helped me develop as a player and be collegiately recruited. I think anyone who enters the program will become more skilled and learn much more about the game.

Jacob & Philip Watcher-Citadel Players
The Stars program was very good for Jacob and Philip’s growth as young baseball players. The program allowed the boys to flourish and grow as Sean and his staff were always helpful and were very positive. We had success at higher levels with the Stars program. I would say one of the most memorable tournaments that the boys were involved with was the wood bat world series tournament in Cary, NC- we were the underdogs- but ending up winning that tournament. I know the memories of tournaments like that and the friendships that the boys created and still maintain today are one of the reasons I can say the Stars program was a success for us.
I have also been on the parent side when it comes to Sean’s coaching. I have had two sons play for Sean and both of them enjoyed playing for him. They worked hard; they were treated fair and had a great deal of fun. Sean knows how to mix hard work with a sense of humor, pride and a positive atmosphere for player development.
Chris and Liz Eppley
Sumter SC

Cole Irick-2015 CSU Player
Just got back from charleston southern & I committed man! Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I appreciate it, but seriously I owe you! Man this is a good feeling!

Dolly Irick-Mother of Cole Irick
Thank you for everything you have done for Cole. The hard work you’ve put it with him has paved the way and I hope he can show you how truly grateful he is of you and the Stars program.

Paul Larkin-Son of Joey Larkin Clemson Student
Sean, thank you for all you have done for Joey. You’ve helped him unbelievably achieve his goals and we can’t thank you enough. He’s right where he wanted to be in his senior year of playing ball. You gave him more opportunity than anyone and it was the best decision we made in joining the Stars program. Thank you.

Tanner Mack-SMC Player
I wanna say not only thanks for having me this summer but thanks for everything you done for me. I had a blast!

Scott & Carla Kea – Parents of Jake Kea USC Sumter 2015 Commit/Clemson Student
We would like to say thank you from the Kea family for a great summer of baseball. From being in different programs around the state, the Rawlings Stars program is the best out there!

We would love to hear from you!​